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C5 X - Coming late 2021, Kidderminster

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New Citroen C5 X

An invitation to travel in absolute comfort
New Citroën C5 X, available with petrol and plug-in hybrid engines, will be on sale in the UK in late 2021.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 1C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 2

The most advanced Citroen ever made

Design – Elegance and Dynamism
The style of the New Citroen C5 X is the perfect embodiment of Citroens philosophy. C5 X is a unique combination of the elegance of a saloon, the versatility of an estate and the commanding presence of an SUV.

Comfort – Serenity on board
New C5 X delivers on-board serenity thanks to the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme, incorporating cutting-edge technology such as Citroen Advanced Comfort active suspension. Inside, its lounge-like interior space, the sumptuousness of its Advanced Comfort seats and the meticulous detailed finish make the all-new C5 X a pleasure to travel in.

Technology – Advanced technology
C5 X features a range of advanced technologies that help make driving simpler and less stressful. Tech includes Extended Head Up Display, driving assistance systems that introduce semi-autonomous driving and a new infotainment interface that features a large central 12” high-definition touch screen and natural voice recognition.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 3C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 4

An avant-garde body style

Compared to traditional large car rivals, new C5 X delivers surprise and excitement at first sight and is inspired, right down to its name, by the 2016 CXperience Concept car. New C5 X’s bold and unique design immediately identifies it as Citroens new flagship model.

A modern and innovative body style
A unique concept
Assertive, robust and distinctive, new C5 X’s body style is immediately striking. Featuring a sleek fastback body style that blends saloon and estate styling cues, it also caries many of the elements that make premium SUVs so appealing. With a particular emphasis placed on aerodynamics, New C5 X is as efficient as it is attractive. Its long bonnet, fluid lines, high waistline and distinctive kick above the rear wheels bring distinction and dynamism, as well as providing strong visual link to Citroens rich history of flagship models, including CX.

A raised stance
For better view of the road
With an increased ground clearance compared to a traditional saloon and large 19-inch wheels fitted with distinctive tall and narrow tyres, new C5 X delivers an SUV-inspired raised driving position that provides greater visibility and safety.

New Citroen lighting signature
Be seen day and night
Further exterior highlights for new C5 X include Citroens new V-shaped light signature at the front and rear, which are standard across the range. Visible both day and night, this advanced system underlines C5 X’s unique body style. First seen on new C4 it allows other road users to immediately identify new C5 X as a Citroen.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 5C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 6

An invitation to travel

In absolute comfort
Offering warmth, tranquillity and space, new C5 X’s interior gives occupants a real invitation to travel. Elegance, comfort, and a unique attention to detail combine with discreet technology to deliver a welcoming passenger compartment in the purest Citroen tradition.

A lounge area
An invitation to tranquillity
Up front, the comfortable seats and the sleek dashboard create a large, uncluttered living area. The rear area has exceptional legroom, comfortable width and generous headroom. 360 degrees glazed surfaces provide lots of light and acoustics thanks to acoustic laminated front and rear windows.

Citroen advanced comfort seats
An invitation to travel in absolute comfort
New C5 X’s Advanced comfort seats set the standard for seating comfort. They are uniquely welcoming and provide true comfort thanks to special padding that works like a mattress topper. They also encourage dynamic and postural comfort through the use of a high-density layer and thickened structured foam, which combine to leave you feeling relaxed, even after the longest of journeys.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 7C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 8

Versatile and practical everyday
All the advantages of an estate
Practicality has been considered down to the last detail in all areas of the design of the new C5 X. Featuring a generous load volume of 545 litres, which stretches to a vast 1,640-litres with the rear seats folded. A wide boot opening, and a low loading make it easy to load and unload, while a flat floor and a luggage area free of awkward intrusions mean it’s easy to accommodate even the most bulky of loads. Further exclusive features included a load cover that lifts out of the way when the boot is opened, while the tailgate itself is powered and has a useful hands-free function.

Citroen advanced comfort suspension
At the heart of new C5 X’s appeal is the use of Citroens advanced comfort suspension system. A genuine innovation, it recreates the ‘magic carpet’ effect that was the trademark of some of the most iconic Citroen cars by deftly dealing with all road surface obstacles, such as potholes, kerbs and speed bumps.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 9C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 10

Experience E-comfort

Plug-in hybrid powertrain delivers the best of both worlds
New C5 X Plug-in hybrid is a modern and high-tech electric mobility vehicle that offers comfort and versatility of use. The embodiment of Citroens e-comfort mobility, it keeps the driver and passengers perfectly insulated from the road and the outside world.

No compromise plug-in hybrid
New C5 X’s advanced 225hp plug-in powertrain is ready for anything. Delivering the pleasure of silent start-up, operation and zero-emissions motoring at speeds of up to 84mph, it also offers an electric range of up to 31 miles (WLTP) in zero-emissions electric mode, a distance that meets the majority of users’ daily needs. Spend a whole week without using the internal combustion engine while making your usual journeys, recharging the vehicle as required. When you need to travel further afield, such as for long weekends away or holidays, the economical and efficient petrol engine takes over.

Well-being and serenity on the road thanks to plug-in hybrid
On plug-in hybrid versions, new C5 X takes this comfort and control a step further with Citroen Advanced Comfort Active suspension. Offering a choice of three modes, the suspension control system enhances the effectiveness of the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions by softening the suspension under certain conditions to create the sense that the car is ‘gliding’ over the road or sharpening the set-up for even greater control and precision when cornering.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 11C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 12

Cutting-edge technology

For well-being and serenity on the road
New C5 X utilises state-of-the-art technologies to make travel more relaxed, safer and even more fun, as well as innovating in a way that’s as spectacular as it is useful.

My Citroen Drive Plus
Advanced infotainment interface
Featuring a 12” high-definition touchscreen, the design of its interface has been heavily influenced by the latest tablet technology. Which means the settings, display preferences and widgets on the home screen can all be quickly and easily customised. This system also has a natural, efficient and easy-to-use voice recognition system, a digital personal assistant that understands what is said to it, answers questions and carries out commands.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 13C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster Photo 14

Extended head up display
Essential information in your field vision
New Citroen C5 X offers an innovative Extended Head Up Display system that features a large-scale, full colour, projection onto the windscreen, making it a first step towards augmented reality. An immersive technology that was shown in the 19_19 Concept, it provides a more serence and relaxed driving experience as drivers no longer need to take their eyes off the road to get the information they want, from the speedometer, navigation instruction and phone calls.

A set of driving assistance systems
Safer and more relaxed driving
New C5 X is at the cutting edge of technology in the field of driving assistance systems. With its Highway Driver Assist, new C5 X offers the best in semi-autonomous level 2 driving. Other features that make driving easier and stress-free include long range Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which detects a danger when reversing. Also available is the Top 360 Vision Surround View Camera technology that makes manoeuvring easier by displaying an overview of the outside environment on the touchscreen.

C5 X - Coming late 2021 in Kidderminster

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